Angelo Calvi and Partners Ltd

It functions the technical and financial coordination of subsidiaries and carries out industrial or commercial activities by providing third parties with their services.

The creation of Angelo Calvi and Partners Ltd and May 2015 to create coordination between companies that are part of a global project of development and management in tourism, rationalization of activities in the industrial, commercial and financial fields.

The missions she has relied on are these

  • Business growth and diversification;
  • reviewing the business and sales model;
  • valuation of investments, acquisitions, integrations; internationalisation processes;
  • opening up new markets;
  • safeguarding family assets and generational steps.

Angelo Calvi and Partners Ltd has a management and control activity with other companies, determining its financial, industrial and commercial management; Each company in the group is in fact legally an independent entity and responds with its own capital alone, not directly involving the holding company.