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Graphic, Advertising and Web Agency

Each communication agency advertises itself as a creative agency. It is easy to say, less to explain what creativity is, what it consists of, and why it is a tool that can bring the desired results. Creativity is the ability to see things from another point of view, to look where others are not looking. To indicate a different path, which no one had thought of before. A creative cannot look where everyone is looking, otherwise what is he going to do?

There is no agency that does not claim to be creative, also because creativity seems an abstract, incomprehensible concept. Instead it is something extremely practical. First, because good creativity comes from strong strategic thinking. And secondly, because communicating in an abstract, rhetorical, not very concrete way is not relevant to the public, and therefore serves little or nothing. Without good insight, that is, the advantage from the point of view of the recipient of the communication, it doesn't have much to tell. And then, creativity makes itself understood immediately, it is direct, clear and simple. Which does not mean elementary. In reverse.

Thinking, therefore, is the necessary condition to be creative. But not enough: you also need to think in a different way, to say the right things and to say them in unexpected ways. So we make ourselves heard. An agency is not creative when it proposes the “strange famolo": that is creativity so to speak because it is an end in itself, it is groundless and inconsistent. True creativity is not eccentric, but strategic. And substantial: it can be seen and felt.

You get noticed.

Because creativity allows you to stand out. To get noticed, to achieve a positioning, or to consolidate it, to defend it. It is a non-trivial way to communicate, which makes you think. Memorable, then.

Creative equals methodical.

Because if you are creative in the right way, you are also methodical. In fact, a good method must be creative, but a creative must have a good method. Doing weird things, just to stand out, isn't effective. Doing them strategically, on the other hand, allows you to stand out, but also to achieve your goals.

Find out.

Because creativity makes you notice, but it also helps you to notice your strengths, and your defects. It comes from confrontation: talking to us, who know you from the outside but begin to collaborate, new ideas can emerge, aspects never evaluated before.

Do you want creativity? Look for someone who is methodical.

Because a good method must be creative, but a creative must have a good method.


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