Coolnoyze Voyage System Ltd

Created in 2015 for the need to combine professionalism and matured know-how among some profound professionals knowledgeable on the tourism market of Sardinia, South East Asia and London.

Created for the creation of a network of boutique hotels with its own identity, recognizing the needs of today's travelers who seek a balance between convenience, exceptional service and contemporary style.

CVD HOTELS had to perfectly embody this balance with a pleasantly modern approach to accessibility, comfort and informal design.

Defining the unique personality and innovative style of an independent hotel with the attentive service, reliability and consistency of the main business and leisure hotels are the key factors that are defining our vision of creating the Premier Boutique Hotel accommodation provider high quality, but affordable

We are motivated to create a high-level customer service, combined with our innovative style and price range to meet all budgets.
However, we will not stop there. We will see every day as an opportunity to learn and grow as an organization. 

We will welcome the contribution of all levels of our workforce, but above all we will try to interact with our guests to help raise our standards of service to ensure continuous growth and innovate in the world of modern, elegant and affordable travel.

We have created the CoolVoyage Hotels brand™ to certify our passion for our work, commitment and vision, because we have the ambition to create a quality standard recognized and appreciated worldwide starting from the destinations we love most and that have caraterized the professional history of the members of the company : Phuket and the Costa Smeralda (Sardinia).

We believe that what we now call luxury is actually the essence of a great holiday in exclusive places and with exclusive services.